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Club Founder 

Hey Club! I'm Alexander and I started the Limoncello Spritzer Club in April 2021.


For a good couple of years I've been trying to scratch my entrepreneurial itch.

I wanted to create a business which incorporated something I am truly passionate about - this just so happened to be, limoncello!


As a family, we went to Italy on our summer holidays, countless times, and we were normally offered limoncello at the end of dinners.


Most of the time the limoncello would be made by the owners of the restaurant.


I thought, could I make some? 


My culinary skills are below average at best, but I found my jive with limoncello! 

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I set to work in my kitchen, where our limoncello is still made.

Making the limoncello was fairly easy, but perfecting it was the tricky part.


Lemons from different regions and countries produced completely different flavours. Finding the optimum strength of alcohol to draw enough flavour from the

lemon, without spoiling the sweet flavour was a challenge.


How long to age it for? 1 day? 1 week? ...a month? 

I also didn't like how much sugar I was using in my early batches, so I decided to replace the sugar with a small amount of zero calorie sweetener. 


My initial target market were my friends and family, who were the guinea pigs trying my early concoctions.


Some liked it, others didn't.


Oddly, my dad really liked the strongest batch I ever made with almost 100% pure grain ethanol. He said "it gives a nice burn in my throat" ...not what I was looking to achieve!


These mixed reviews got me thinking, how do I get more people liking my product? 

The answer was simple.


Add my second favourite drink, prosecco!  

My best friend convinced me to sell at a farmers market.


I chose The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells because it was far enough away from home that none of my friends would coincidentally turn up. I had a real fear my product wouldn't sell and it would be embarrassing!


In fact, we had the opposite reaction - we sold out by 1pm - this was a real eye opener!


Are we on to something?


Customers that normally disliked limoncello were enjoying it and curious customers new to limoncello were giving the Spritzer a try. 


People love the product!

Limoncello Spritzer Club was born. 

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cartoon lemon 6_edited.png

Why the name?


Well, I've always wanted to start a Club, united with a passion for something. Quickly we understood

the objective, to introduce limoncello to the masses. Convert as many non-limoncello drinkers to limoncello lovers. 


Fast forward and we're very much enjoying this Limoncello Spritzer journey!

We're working with a few independent shops and looking to expand our presence at festivals and other market stalls.


We still make our own limoncello, sticking closely to the Club's original recipe. Jars and jars of ageing limoncello have taken over my kitchen, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Thanks for reading, we hope you like the Spritzer! 

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